A short biography of henry david thoreau a great american author and philosopher

I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man; wine is not so noble a liquor Several of the essays provide his original perspective on the meaning of work and leisure and describe his experiment in living as simply and self-sufficiently as possible, while in others Thoreau described the various realities of life at Walden Pond: Thoreau returned to Concord and had a restless period: In one word, Thoreau was a skulker.

He finally decided to reduce his needs and see how that worked. Emerson took a paternal and at times patronizing interest in Thoreau, advising the young man and introducing him to a circle of local writers and thinkers, including Ellery Channing, Margaret Fuller, Bronson Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne and his son Julian, who was a boy at the time.

The school ended when John became fatally ill from tetanus in Similarly, the movement acknowledged that matter and spirit both existed. Emerson encouraged the younger Thoreau to write and take an interest in the ideas of Transcendentalism. The point of this task was to "anticipate" the seasons nature, in his words.

After he graduated inhe joined the faculty of the Concord public school, but he resigned after a few weeks rather than administer corporal punishment. For a few months inhe moved to the home of William Emerson on Staten Island, tutoring the family sons while writing for New York periodicals, aided in part by his future literary representative Horace Greeley.

Attempts to edit and publish his late manuscripts--see Faith in a Seed--have produced estimations that he used experimentation and analysis to explain how forests regenerate after fire or human destruction, through dispersal by seed-bearing winds or animals.

He had close friends who accompanied him on these expeditions; he seems to have been a man who had a few close friendships, rather than many acquaintances. He adapted ideas garnered from the then-current Romantic literatures in order to extend American libertarianism and individualism beyond the political and religious spheres to those of social and personal life.

Bronson Alcott attended the lecture, writing in his journal on January Thoreau left Walden Pond on September 6, Amos Bronson Alcott planned the service and read selections from Thoreau's works, and Channing presented a hymn.

Mahatma Gandhi first read Walden in while working as a civil rights activist in Johannesburg, South Africa. His other source had been Tantiusques, an Indian operated mine in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

Essentially, it combined romanticism with reform. Thoreau reluctantly emerged, did an errand, and then went to collect huckleberries. He processed everything he read, in the local laboratory of his Concord experience.

Transcendentalism strove for reform yet insisted that reform begin with the individual, not the group or organization.

Henry David Thoreau: A Life

On a trip into town, he ran into the local tax collector who asked him to pay six years of delinquent poll taxes The teachings of Thoreau came alive in our civil rights movement; indeed, they are more alive than ever before.

Kennedy, Civil rights activist Rev. He preferred "partially cultivated country. In retrospect, it was one of the most significant literary movements of 19th-century Americawith at least two authors of world stature, Thoreau and Emerson, to its credit.

But contact with real wilderness in Maine affected him far differently than had the idea of wilderness in Concord. Return to Concord, —[ edit ] The traditional professions open to college graduates—law, the church, business, medicine—did not interest Thoreau, [26]: He kept detailed observations on Concord's nature lore, recording everything from how the fruit ripened over time to the fluctuating depths of Walden Pond and the days certain birds migrated.

Of all ebriosity, who does not prefer to be intoxicated by the air he breathes. Speaking of his own religious views, Thoreau stated: In his writings Thoreau was concerned primarily with the possibilities for human culture provided by the American natural environment.

He had a natural gift for mechanics. With his magnetism Emerson attracted others to Concord. He had two older siblings, Helen and John Jr. On July 24 or July 25,Thoreau ran into the local tax collector, Sam Staples, who asked him to pay six years of delinquent poll taxes.

What shall we think of a government to which all the truly brave and just men in the land are enemies, standing between it and those whom it oppresses.

Emerson sensed in Thoreau a true disciple—that is, one with so much Emersonian self-reliance that he would still be his own man. His expectations were high because he hoped to find genuine, primeval America. Inhe published Walden, or Life in the Woods, recounting the two years, two months, and two days he had spent at Walden Pond.

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Henry David Thoreau Biography | Poet

Henry David Thoreau: A Child's Biography by Henry David Thoreau. This biography of Henry David Thoreau for children was excerpted from Mary Stoyell Stimpson's book, A Child's Book of American Biography ().

Add over one hundred years to Ms. Stimpson's time reference when you read it with your own children. Henry David Thoreau was an American author, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, historian, and leading transcendentalist.

Watch video · American essayist, poet, and practical philosopher, Henry David Thoreau was a New England Transcendentalist and author of the book Walden. Synopsis Henry David Thoreau was born on July 12,in Concord, sgtraslochi.com: Jul 12, Watch video · American essayist, poet, and practical philosopher, Henry David Thoreau was a New England Transcendentalist and author of the book Walden.

Henry David Thoreau was born on July 12,in Concord Born: Jul 12, Henry David Thoreau (born David Henry Thoreau) was an American author, naturalist, transcendentalist, tax resister, development critic, philosopher, and abolitionist who is best known for Walden, a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings, and his essay, Civil Disobedience, an argument for individual resistance to civil government 4/5.

A short biography of henry david thoreau a great american author and philosopher
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