The theme of the forces of nature in jack londons short story to build a fire

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There Are Walls

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The breathtaking sequel to the acclaimed The Girl from Everywhere. In naturalistic literature, characters are forged by their environment.

It also addresses the psychological and evolutionary forces of nature that contribute to a character’s decision making (Matterson [online]).

“To Build A Fire,” then, is a prime example of a naturalistic story. Sign up with Facebook, Twitter or Google. Your Essayscom data will be completely private, secure and will not be posted to your Facebook wall or tweeted. Jack London wrote To Build a Fire in It was the story of an unnamed man who struggles against the snow in the Klondike in winter and eventually meets his tragic freezing end.

It is a story that emphasizes mans helplessness against the wrath of nature. Dickinsons poem A Narrow Fellow in the Grass, on the other hand, was written early on in.


Jack London's San Francisco Stories is an anthology of Jack London short stories set in the San Francisco Bay Area. The book was edited by Matthew Asprey. The preface is a reprint of Rodger Jacobs' essay Ghost Land, a personal meditation on Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon in.

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There Are Walls

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The theme of the forces of nature in jack londons short story to build a fire
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