Writing a story clip art tree

The speaker may discover in discussing this exercise afterwards, that he or she imagined the house clearly and "saw" more detail than was mentioned. Distribute copies of the Family Interview to all students you created. When you are done reading it to the class, you can have the children make the creatures of their choice and then glue them to one big tree trunk you have prepared for the class.

Ask students to share any of their family traditions with the class.

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Cut several pieces of yarn students can use to link their hometown with their countries origin. Allow students to compose the visual elements as they wish.

This lesson is also well-suited to a multi-age activity with "big buddies" and "little buddies" from upper and lower grades working together.

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Add photo if you want or the scanned vital records. Make a list and have the participants obtain signatures of the people who fit the clues. Prepare a story to tell for your next family reunion. After reading and discussing the book The Giving Tree, students reflect and write about the gift they would most like to give.

Listen closely to the story. Have the speaker tell the partner a story about why the thing to be retrieved is special and then have speaker verbally explain how to travel back to the front door to bring the special thing out to where the speaker will be waiting. Be sure to include some colorful images, either digital pictures or clip art to make it into a "giving tree.

Make sure children write their name and give a special title to their artwork. The story should be of importance to your family and be related to your being here today. You will need a web hosting site that will provide the space. Be sure to record the stories for posterity. Inform students that they are about to become family historians.

For example if many of the family members were farmers, you would want some clip art of farms and ranches. Activate prior knowledge and ask for volunteers to define the word "tradition. These ideas will help you kindle your family's interest in their history and maybe ignite their passion for genealogy.

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Forest Theme. By Karen Cox | Affiliate Disclosure. Big Classroom Tree {Art} Owl Babies Story Retelling {Literacy} After reading the book, Owl Babies, children drw a picture to illustrate some aspect of the story. They dictate a “retelling” of the story for the teachers to write on the page.

Printable Graphic Organizers Help your students organize their writing with venn diagrams, story maps, and more. Your kids can use the writing webs, chronological order charts to improve the organization of their writing.

Writing a story clip art tree
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